Eligibility & Entry Requirements

Ensuring your eligible for membership with the BMABA

Entry & Membership Eligibility Criteria

For The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association

We’re proud to be a professional association dedicated to instructors, senseis and coaches who have the genuine right to teach martial arts, boxing and unarmed combat to students and individuals across the UK.

Accordingly, unlike many associations, we expect all applicants to reach our standards prior to any application for membership being accepted.

Please take a look at our eligibility criteria below.


All BMABA applicants are expected to hold relevant and accepted industry qualifications or grades that entitle them to instruct unsupervised.

Whilst this may currently differ from Association to Association we set the highest standards, meaning we’ll only accept one or more of the following as teaching entitlement;

  • A Valid Black Belt Of 1st Dan (or equivalent) Or Higher
  • A Valid Teaching Qualification Recognised Nationally For Combat Instruction (such as an NVQ)
  • A Black Belt Equivalency (if practicing ungraded styles) With A Professional Vouch From Your Current Instructor
All applicants are expected to provide proof of their grade, qualification or teaching entitlement during application.

If you hold any one of the above and are able to produce supporting evidence (or have already contacted our office in any other circumstance) you should satisfy our teaching entitlement criteria.

If you don’t hold a current qualification or black belt and instead you’re an equivalent (I.E: practicing an ungraded style, such as MMA) you’ll need to meet our standards as a black belt equivalent, these are;

  • At Least 3 Years Continuous Training In Your Chosen Style
  • Professionally Vouched For By Your Current Or Most Recent Instructor

If your sensei or coach is happy to recommend you for an instructor’s license and to teach unsupervised & if you have had atleast 3 years continuous training in a set style please contact our office for further information on how we can ensure your eligibility to join our Association.


Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from people whom have a criminal conviction or charge.

This is in order to protect students & also for insurance purposes.

We may however be able to make allowances or exceptions as it’s on a case-by-case discretionary basis for applications where insurance is not being taken out at the same time.

This means if you are now, for example, 35 and was charged with petty vandalism when you were 16 we’re able to take this in to account and consider the fact that you are (more than likely) no longer tagging wheely bins!

This is of course on an individual basis and we reserve the full right to deny entry for those with criminal convictions.

We will not accept any applications from those whom have been charged with violent, serious or sexual offences regardless of the time lapsed between the conviction and application.


We will not accept your application if you have been barred or had your membership revoked from another UK association unless you can provide a valid reason for such an event happening.

You must be 18+ years old.


We are not a regulatory body and do not provide guidance on this matter, we act in a capacity to help ratify your grade. Please ensure you are competently checked and qualified to teach.

Applicants who are not yet currently instructing may not provide the above but will be expected to ensure the above is held when teaching commences.

You are expected to ensure you’re legally eligible to teach and all information provided to us will be used with ‘utmost faith’ unless we request verification otherwise. This is in line with our terms and conditions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re eligible as per our requirements please contact our office & we’ll happily talk you through your options. All contact can be done with total discretion and we’re able to assess individual’s suitability on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Our Office

Do I Need To Show My Certification Prior To Applying For Membership?

You will be expected to provide proof of all grades during sign up or within 28 days of sign up if you’re unable to produce digital proof at the time of joining us. Your membership will not commence until we’ve seen this proof of grade.

We won’t always ask for proof of other documents (such as DBS or insurance) during your membership application as we’re very much aware some applicants may not yet be teaching. We operate (just as the insurance industry does) on utmost good faith meaning we’ll except the credentials given to us unless we have reason to believe otherwise.

With that said we still operate a ‘stop & search’ style body where we can request to see certification at any time throughout your membership.

If you don’t have the required grades, training or qualifications please do not apply.