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  • How much would it cost to join as an instructor, junior, senior and black belt member?


    The cost of joining as an instructor depends on the type of membership you want and the features you’d like included. You can join us for free or you can join as a premium member from as little as £15 per year. Students are all charged a set rate regardless of their grade, age or position. This starts from £4 per student, per year and again is dependent upon what you need.

    £5 Per student, per year includes full insurance, member to member cover, student licensing, student membership, digital certification, grade recognition, access to our student liaison service and more. The additional plans are useful if you’d like extras like printed certification, license grading books or patches etc. All of these things can be purchased additionally from our store if you’d rather do this separately.

    You can register additional instructors at any point if you would like to get your senior graded instructors into the instruction route too – again, this is a discounted premium or free rate.

    Is there a yearly fee?

    We offer both free & premium membership. If you choose annual membership this covers you as a chief instructor / lead instructor and you’re not required to pay any additional fees to register your club – your club is automatically registered as part of your BMABA affiliation.

    Would I be able to grade my students and if so to what level?

    We’re a politics free organisation and as such don’t dictate any ruling on how and when you get grade your students – provided the grading is honest, fair & professional. We will recognise any grade issued by you in club provided the gradee is only graded up to one grade below your current grade.

    For example, if you hold a 3rd Dan we would recognise you grading students up to 2nd Dan etc.

    You’re free to hold any gradings at any point without notifying us or paying us a penny.

    How much is a grading registration?

    You don’t pay a penny to us when grading any of your students. If your students are licensed with us (with the £4 per student, per year student insurance option mentioned above) we recognise their new grade free of charge. If you don’t have students insured with us you may still grade them and we will recognise their grade on request provided it was issued in accordance with our grading guidelines (with regards to professional, fair gradings).

    Can I stay as a completely independent club?

    Yes – you can stay completely independent. We’re a professional organisation that supports our clubs and members. We’re politics free & community run so we don’t get involved in the day to day running of your club, that’s entirely for you and your members to decide.

    How much are certificates, licence books etc?

    This depends on what you’re after. Currently, license books are around £2.40 per book and certificates are around £2 per print – but this depends on what you need and any extras you’d like. All pricing is clear and we have a secure online store so you can shop around and save products for later at your leisure.

    If I'm a member can I use BMABA logos on our literature & adverts etc?

    Free members are permitted to use the BMABA affiliation on websites & literature etc freely. We do also have professionally designed logos and graphics for our paying premiums members too. These can be used on websites, merchandise & prints etc for as long as your membership remains valid

    What membership option is right for me?

    This is a difficult question and does depend on what you need. Our membership section allows you to choose from a few pre-designed popular membership packages or gives you the option to build your own membership.

    Please take a look at the sign up section and choose the best option for your club’s needs. If you’re not sure and would like to discuss it with us you can always get in touch.

    Who joins the BMABA?

    The BMABA is a professional body for instructors, coaches and senseis who love what they do & take their teaching seriously.

    Rather than a style specific association that determines the syllabuses, teaching criteria and other style based content we leave that up to you (or any other style specific association you’re with) and instead focus on the professional side of things with you – the instructor.

    Instructors, senseis and coaches from all walks of life call the BMABA their association. We have hundreds of members from different backgrounds, styles, ages, genders, communities, ages and so on – all are welcomed as equals and are only ever assessed on their professional competency to instruct martial arts, boxing and combat.


    Do the BMABA sell insurance?

    We don’t actually sell any insurance ourselves – we simply arrange policies on your behalf. This makes life easier for everyone involved.

    If you take out instructor insurance we’ll arrange that with Towergate Insurance PLC for you. We can provide student cover & events cover directly using our group cover policy.

    For more information on our insurance options please see the insurance section.

    Does the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association provide classes to students?

    No, we don’t provide any classes directly and instead license & regulate registered instructors.

    If you’d like to  train with a BMABA licensed instructor please take a look at our club finder, under the ‘our association’ section on the main menu.


  • Still In Need Of Answers?

    You can contact our office directly where one of our team will happily address any enquiries or questions you may have about BMABA membership. If you’re already a BMABA member and you need help with something, please go through the member’s area.

    How To Join Us

    Joining our association online is simple & easy.

    You can sign up by clicking the link below and following the on screen instructions.

    Join Us Online

    Does BMABA membership include instructor insurance?

    No, it doesn’t.

    We don’t include instructor insurance by default with our policies as many instructors who join us either have a policy elsewhere or like the flexibility to join us without this requirement or cost affecting them and their clubs.

    By not making insurance a compulsory extra it gives you the flexibility to join us today if you’re not already teaching and purchase insurance at a later point or to continue using a policy you hold elsewhere without any worries of additional costs or doubling up of insurance.

    There is the option of adding instructor insurance to your sign up if you do require insurance along with your membership.

    Why do I need to be a member of an association?

    Many insurance companies insist that an instructor is attached to an association prior to taking out any policy.

    This effectively does work for them, as they know for a member to be attached to a trust worthy association they will need to meet eligibility criteria, entry requirements and continue to meet the standards set by that governing body.

    For your students it shows you’re recognised and that you are who you say you are (professionally). If you say you’re qualified to teach it doesn’t necessarily mean all that much – but if you have a national governing body backing you and supporting you students are much more happy to come aboard.

    In short there is nothing that necessarily says you have to be attached to an Association, but in many peoples eyes (and often for insurance / venue purposes) you need to be attached to one.

    What's the minimum age I can join at?

    We accept instructors from the age of 18 years.

    Do I have to take part in the online community & resources, or can I just use my certificates?

    There is nothing forcing you to login to the member’s area, get a free website or join in with the community – but many would ask the question ‘why wouldn’t you use the resource when it’s supplied for free?’

    Of course, if you want the certification and nothing else that’s absolutely fine.

    How can I safely make a payment to the BMABA?

    The BMABA uses PayPal, trusted payment gateway technology that ensures making a payment is fast, easy & safe.

    We never see any of your bank details when using PayPal and all transactions are guaranteed. You don’t need an account to use PayPal – you can check out as a guest, although registering for an account is completely free.

    Do I need to be a black belt to join the BMABA?

    No you don’t. You can see our eligibility criteria here.

    I am interested in joining your association.

    That’s great to hear – you’re very welcome to join us if you’re an instructor or black belt. You can join us online from here.


    Can i call you with a question or enquiry?

    You’re always very welcome to call us with any questions you might have, however for the size of the association and network we run we’re a relatively small team and so we ask that you please don’t call through and tie up our team on the telephone unless you absolutely need to.

    There’s lots of help, questions, content and information available via our website. Failing that you can contact us via social media, e-mail or via telephone from our contact page.


    Do you offer instructor qualifications?

    We don’t currently offer qualifications to teach, although we do offer vocational black belt gradings.

    How can I prove my qualifications or grades after signing up?

    We definitely recommend photographing or scanning your documents prior to signing up. That way, you can simply upload them to your application during the sign up process for instant verification.

    Failing this, you’re welcomed to e-mail us over copies of your certification after sign up or post photocopies (no originals, please) to our secretary within 28 days of signup. You can find more information on this during the sign up process.

    Can I have a telephone number for your office please?

    Of course – we’re happy to offer a phone number to those who would like to call. Please visit the contact us page and follow the instructions.

    We don’t publish a number online purely to save us hundreds of marketing calls. You can request one free of charge and it will be instantly e-mailed to your inbox.

    Can you help me obtaining insurance for training?

    Yes, of course we can. Please see our instructor insurance section.

    Can you provide contents insurance for my club and equipment?

    Not directly, but we can pass you onto the right people. Contact us for more information.



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