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  • Exactly what I’ve searched for over more than 20 years!

    An amazing organisation that’s bound to grow quickly. Easy, secure & modern website with a really friendly, knowledgeable staff at the back.

    Everything we need for our club whilst remaining fully independent. Spot on!



  • Very easy to navigate website making it an even more pleasant experience along with very friendly staff and members.

    Fantastic Value for money and an association that puts its students and instructors first. Instructors have full autonomy over their club without any interference but with enough support to feel part of a valued and safe group.

    Author's imageC.J Sanderson

Our club joined the BMABA back in 2014 and we’ve seen them grow and develop without loosing a single shred of honesty, transparency or passion for what they do.

When you have problems they’re straight ontop of it to help out – quick to respond, friendly, professional – couldn’t ask for anything else.

I’ve been with around 4-5 bigger associations in the past and none of them even come close to touching the BMABA – I’ll never go anywhere else now as we get everything we need from them – like insurance, website stuff, kit, licensing, certificates – all from one place at a realy good deal.

Would recommend to any martial artist or club thinking about them! You’ll never regret it…

Author's imageAnonymousMarsh Gibbon Kendo Academy

  [The BMABA] has got to be a first; after over 31 years in martial arts and various governing bodies this one has to be the best by far.


Very helpful in all ways even when i make mistakes you come to the rescue; you seem to go that extra mile for me.”

Richard Harris – Doveside Academy

  • A excellent association who put their members first. All the information you would need is enclosed in their website. Excellent value for money.

    A WilliamsStoneyburn Krav Maga

    Really nice and friendly chat with Giovanni just now. What a wonderful compliment to the industry! It’s an honour to be a part of the BMABA and to call ourselves a member!

  • We came to the BMABA looking for the free website & social / community and resources rather than the licensing and we’ve just been blown away by the amount of content, resources & time they dedicate to their members. It’s literally ridiculous! I’ve paid more a month for magazine subscriptions than annually with the BMABA!

  • From the moment I contacted the BMABA through to this present day I’ve been absolutely amazed by the services, speed, helpfulness & politeness of staff & overall Association as a whole. I’ve been with some of the other big Associations in the UK and can honestly say they don’t scratch the surface when compared. Why the BMABA don’t have 100,000+ members I don’t know.

    Antonio LucianoPendle Self Defence

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