What Is The BMABA?

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) is a professional, community run, politics free governing body that represents, supports & develops more than 180+ different styles of combat sports, martial disciplines & self protection systems.

Unlike many martial arts associations at the moment the BMABA is leading the industry in terms of it’s abilities to regulate standards, protect and authenticate certification & licensing and provide the leading tools, resources, licensing & insurance for it’s members.

  • Our association was founded back in 2012 by Giovanni Soffietto, a martial arts and boxing instructor passionate to see professionalism and change in our industry whilst upholding the integrity, respect & time-honoured traditions that make our sports & disciplines unique to any other sports on the planet.

    Frustrated by a lack of affordable, transparent & honest governing bodies the BMABA (British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) was established as a safe-haven for honest instructors and senseis looking to form a lasting relationship with a national body interested in protecting their best interests.

    As our grass roots operation developed into a national and now international presence we’ve managed to maintain the very values and ethics that helped us enter the stage as a major UK contender and continue to deliver a friendly, personal yet highly professional service that’s considered by so many to be the best in the industry today.

  • BMABA_bad_150Primarily working directly with instructors, coaches & senseis the BMABA (British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) aims to provide the modern instructor with every single resource & tool they could ever need under one roof.

    Support, guidance, websites, equipment, insurance, student licensing, certification, membership, advertising, business support, syllabus approvals, technical development and so, so much more all under a single, affordable price tag.

    What’s more, our association is ran by it’s own members and represented by a voluntary committee made up of respected BMABA members from across the community. We’re honest & transparent in everything we do and work to protect every single martial arts instructor and boxing coach that calls us home.