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Free PRO listings with British Martial Arts is included at no extra charge with all of our membership options.

British Martial Arts ( is a fantastic new martial arts sensei’s and clubs directory listing service that allows martial arts, boxing and self defence club owners to list their clubs in an international directory visible to anybody, anywhere.

listing_top1_80Unlike alot of other martial arts directories they allow you to construct a fantastic business profile page similar to that of other famous non-martial arts sites like Trip Advisor.

You can list your training times, post photo galleries, share special offers (which are visible across the entire site), add a club description, choose from styles and regions plus so, so much more.

Whilst they do offer free membership they also offer a PRO membership, which costs £19.75 per year. We are pleased to pick up this charge for all of our members completely free of charge with every membership.

Stand out from the competition with a free listing with our BMABA Club finder and this free premium PRO listing & membership with British Martial Arts, allowing you to promote and advertise your club to more people than ever before without picking up any extra charges along the way.

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The following is from If you’d like to find out more and see their service in action we recommend you visit their website –

Why would you want a PRO listing with British Martial Arts?

Create beautiful club listings that work in your favour

British Martial Arts lets you effortlessly build beautiful club listings that really stand out from the competition, allowing you to introduce, combine & display everything you need to. Show off photos of your class in action, list club opening times, display latest club news, show your professional status, promote special offers across their entire site & do so much more – all with a single, professional listing.

They even offer exclusive advise & support to help you get your content & listing looking professional and sending out the right message to your potential students, too.

ipad_map_info_80Easily Display What Matters Without Clutter Or Nuisance Ads

With it’s incredibly easy to tell your potential student’s exactly what they need to know and without cluttering up their screen, too.

Display as much club information or content as you need and make sure you do everything in your power to hook potential students. They’ll even help you design your club listing free of charge and have a state-of-the-art site that allows you to use a range of visual features to better present your page.

As if that’s not good enough they integrate social sharing icons to all our listing pages to help you get shared across the web. Couple this with their site’s mobile & tablet ready responsive design means your site is on hand to potential students whether they’re at home, at work or on the move.

computer_screen_review_offer_70Post Special Offers Across Their Entire Site & Build your Online Reputation With Real Reviews & Ratings

It’s hard to get seen with a martial arts club – they get that. It’s even harder to build up credibility, too.

That’s why is proud to offer a comprehensive system that allows you to post discounts and special offers not just on your club’s listing page but also across the entire network for thousands & thousands of visitors to see every day.

Ratings play a huge role too. Everybody can rate, review & comment on your club and the better your ratings are the better your listing will do. Show off your top-club status across the entire site and show students when they click on your listing on the map you’re good with your club’s rating pre-built into the screen.

contact_phoneLet customers & potential students contact you easily – even on the move.

They know how important it is that your potential student or client drops you an e-mail when they’re on your listing & interested. That’s why’s listings come with a built in Contact Owner button that allows them to send a message straight to your inbox in a matter of seconds – even on the move.


Easily control, edit & build your club listings using a beautiful interface & control panel

British Martial Art’s interface makes it easy to see & control all of your listings, reviews & offers, as well as change, update & promote your club.

Build your perfect club listing using our intuitive CMS user interface, adding photos, links, information & contact details with all of the control you could possibly need.

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