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Get A Free BMABA WordPress Website For You & Your Club

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Every club needs a website. It’s absolutely essential.

Word of mouth isn’t always enough in today’s world and being able to present your club online is about so much more than just advertising your business. Website design can cost in excess of £500 per website and hosting can cost upwards of £10 per month.

With your BMABA website you can get your club online, advertise your classes, sign up students online, sell stuff through your own online shop, build a member’s only area and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

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    WordPress Pre-Installed

    We’ll pre-install WordPress, one of the world’s leading types of website software to your domain completely free of charge.

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    Absolutely Free. Forever.

    Your site won’t ever cost you a penny. So long as you’re a member of our Association you’ll have the perfect club website completely free of charge.

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    Absolutely No Coding Or Experience Needed

    Never had a website before? No nothing about coding or HTML? Don’t worry – you don’t need to. WordPress has a clean, easy user-interface.

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    Unlimited Free Professional Support

    We have a dedicated IT Section within our Association whom can provide 365 day a year support to you and your site – not to mention video tutorials and walk-through guides, too!


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    Unlimited In Every Way

    You never need to worry about running out of disk space, bandwidth or anything else. Your site is free & unlimited for ever. Simple as.

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    Easy To Use & Full Of Freebies

    Change the look of your site with thousands of free themes. Enhance it with thousands of free plugins.


Build Beautiful Websites With No Design Knowledge Or Coding

Chances are you probably don’t know that much about website design, coding or development. That’s fine – we don’t expect you to. Rather than using HTML based editors we’ve chosen WordPress because of it’s incredibly easy to use feel, straight forwards interface and wonderfully well documented software & system. WordPress allows you to easily create content much like you would using Microsoft Word with the option of switching to HTML if you need to. It’s really easy to use and offers an incredibly flexible, powerful system for you to use. Big sites & businesses, like the NY Times, Marks & Spencer Business, NHS, BBC, William Shatner, Flickr, Justin Timberlake, CBS and thousands more big businesses use & trust WordPress to deliver their business with an effective and fully-featured website – and now that power is in your hands.

  • Build The Perfect Club Website In Minutes

    • Create pages, sidebars, menus and posts with an easy to use editor and absolutely no coding
    • Download and install plugins & themes to change the look & function of your site
    • Introduce member’s areas, shops, downloads, galleries, videos & so much more
    • Loads of help & support from our member’s area and our in-house IT department
    • Choose from a selection of free themes bundled together by us specifically to help make your life easier getting started
    • See our video tutorials and read our help sections to really get to grips with your new site

Every Possible Type Of Site & Feature Completely Free Of Charge

You can use your unlimited BMABA website for literally anything. 

Your main club website, a member’s area, shop, video gallery, community, forum – you name it – WordPress can do it, all without any extra cost and with unlimited free support from our team, too.

Hosting & Support Worth Up To £119 Per Year Completely Free Of Charge


Choose from any available BMABA Sub-Domain for your site – so it could be or and so on.

Why Use A BMABA Sub Domain?

  • searchBoosted Google Ratings

    Enjoy our website’s top Google ratings with your site, just like Pure Self Defence.

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    24/7, 365 Day A Year Support & Maintenance

    Professional support is available year round & we manage all server maintenance.

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    All The Help, Support & Advice You Need

    Enjoy a growing community and support articles designed to help your site grow.  

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    Enjoy Our Trusted Name & Secure URL

    Our domain, is verified safe and your site will enjoy this status, too.



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