Martial Arts Instructor Liability & Indemnity Cover

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This policy, offered by Insure4Sport is a popular choice for most main-stream instructors. Due to the competitive prices available direct from their website we’d recommend you go direct to them (using the button below) to get an immediate quote and cover.

Please do be sure to check the policy is fitting to your purposes and remember that this is a 3rd Party Company not in any associated to the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association.

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Coaches always need to be careful when teaching and practicing martial arts, as students can get injured, sometimes seriously, if practiced improperly. Martial arts instructors therefore have a responsibility to not only teach their students correctly but also ensure that they do so in a safe manner. Martial arts instructor insurance cover can provide peace of mind and allows you to concentrate solely on the coaching aspects of the sport. As a Martial arts coach you will likely have special equipment for practicing and training; equipment which is at risk of being damaged or broken due to the nature of the sport. A Martial arts instructor insurance policy can make sure that your equipment is covered against any such damage, loss or even theft.

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