Providing Insurance For Non-Black Belts

Alot of people contact our Association looking for insurance cover so they can start teaching but they don’t yet hold a black belt. It could be down to a number of reasons from geographical location through to training in an un-graded style.

The main policy we work with, the Allianz Public Liability & Products Cover Insurance, now states that cover for non black belts is available ‘provided that a senior Instructor can vouch for¬†their experience’.

We’ve been working really hard since early 2012 with MartialGuard, the company that provides this policy, to enable non-black belts whom are eligible the opportunity to teach with their own policy.

It’s important to remember that this is done on a ‘case by case’ approach and there is no guarantee for non black belts – nor should there be.

The requirement to be at least black belt or above is an important one. Just holding a black belt alone, although experienced, doesn’t make you a good, safe or legally responsible instructor. With little regulation or clear documentation to work from Associations & Insurers have to set the bench mark of black belt or above for instructors on the basis that after presumably 4+ years experience and a dan grade you should be competent, experienced & knowledgeable not just about your martial art but also the way it’s taught and instructed (based upon your own instruction).

There are, however, some instances where non black belts may require their own instructor’s policy to instruct unsupervised. Without going into the specifics of each case it is possible, but shouldn’t be assumed as the best option.

We’ve helped black belt equivalents, brown belts and other senior graded or advanced martial artists obtain valid instructor’s insurance with the blessing and support of the insurer to fully ensure should you ever need to claim in the future the policy stands up to scrutiny & that all material facts have been disclosed.

There are few reasons why a non black belt should ever be intending to teach unsupervised and as an Association collectively we will not endorse or condone this type of activity.

Accordingly, we set higher requirements than the actual insurer when it comes to accepting non black belts for insurance purposes through our Association.

The first step for any non black belt hoping to obtain their own individual instructor’s policy is to seek permission & blessing from their Chief Instructor.

We will require a signed declaration from your Chief Instructor stating that he / she is happy to vouch for your level of experience, understanding & knowledge to instruct unsupervised. This is a big deal and shouldn’t be considered by any sensei, coach or instructor unless sure the individual you’re effectively sponsoring is capable of this type of instruction.

We require the following form returned signed & completed in order to move forwards with any cover for non black belts;

[iframe src=”” width=”769px” height=”102px”]

We would recommend talking with your Chief Instructor first and would always recommend starting a dialogue with our office as we will not necessarily accept all non black belt applicants.

After the above has been completed we approach the insurance company on your behalf and mediate for a policy, supplying the above document for their evidence.

Of course this doesn’t mean an orange belt with 2 weeks experience will get cover – but it does provide a very safe & effective way for those whom have a genuine need for cover (such as black belt equivalents) to arrange insurance that’s legally sound. It’s not set in stone so please don’t bank on this.

Of course there is always the option of completing one of our online qualifications if you are not of a relevant level of experience – but you’ll have to ensure that particular course covers you for gaining insurance entitlement through our Association.

If in doubt, we recommend you contact us first.

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