Martial Arts Licensing

We’re proud to offer what is fast becoming universally accepted as the industries finest licensing, verification & certification services for martial arts, boxing & self defence.

Why’s our Martial Arts Licensing Services Trusted By So Many?

  • Trusted Name

    Our association has issued thousands of pieces of certification across hundreds of styles all over the UK & abroad. Our exclusive membership and high standards ensures only the best instructors are granted access & means our name is held in the highest regard around the world.

  • Community Governed

    Unlike many other big associations we’re governed by our own members ensuring a politics free, grass roots, community ran organisation that self-regulates it’s own standards and ensures everybody has a voice.

  • 21st Century Technology

    Gone are the days of signing a cheap looking piece of paper with a biro and calling it ratified! Our certification uses index linked serial numbers linked to national databases and the industries only QR system which can check certification in real-time anywhere.

BMABA Certification Range

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