Affordable DBS Checking

The new name for CRB Checks

Our association does not currently issue DBS checks directly. DBS is the new name for CRB checks.

Instead we would recommend you search directly with a .GOV resource for an umbrella body that can process an application for you.

We don’t believe in charging more than is necessary, hence why we currently believe you can get a better deal using a registered umbrella body.

We do plan to introduce our own in-house DBS checking as soon as possible.

Get A DBS Check

Why don’t we offer DBS checks directly?

We’re in the process of setting that up but at the moment we don’t feel we can offer this service at a competitive enough price for our members. We don’t intend to rip off our members with over-expensive DBS checks and accordingly we’d recommend you go direct to a DBS umbrella body and get the check completed as inexpensively as possible.

Do I Need A DBS Check To Join Your Association?

No, not necessary – but it does depend.

By law, you must hold an enhanced disclosure if you work with children or vulnerable adults. That does include a vast majority of martial arts instructors.

Although it does vary, it’s recommended you have a new DBS check completed every 3 years. We don’t require you to hold a valid DBS  when joining as you may not be currently teaching or you may only be teaching adults that are not vulnerable, in which case you don’t necessarily require an enhanced disclosure – although we still recommend atleast a basic check.

Do I Need A DBS Check To Teach Martial Arts?

Almost certainly. The law changed a few years ago and now requires anybody working with children or vulnerable adults – or working within an educational facility – to hold an enhanced disclosure.

Even if you don’t work with children or vulnerable adults we still strongly recommend you hold atleast a basic disclosure.

What Is A DBS Check?

DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) is a check that will check an individual’s criminal records and convictions.

Is A DBS Check Different To A CRB Check?

The DBS service is the new name for the CRB check.