Martial Arts First Aid Training

We don’t currently offer direct first aid training courses for our members. This is because the cost of providing the courses and the geographical location of the courses would out-weigh the benefits to our general member base.

Instead, we recommend you use a popular first aid provider for your first aid training such as the British Red Cross or St. John’s Ambulance. We don’t receive any commission for referring you to either.

Visit The St. John’s Ambulance Website or Visit The British Red Cross Website

Do I Need To Be First Aid Trained To Instruct Martial Arts?

This is a tough one. Technically, no & yes. Ethically and professionally; definitely.

Although it’s very hard to find clear laws that require martial arts instructors specifically to hold first aid training or qualifications it’s an absolute no-brainer. You’re working with adults and sometimes kids in a very physical and somewhat dangerous environment. Having at least a basic first aid knowledge is critical to your professionalism and the safety of your members.

Do I Need To Hold A First Aid Qualification To Join The BMABA?

No, you don’t.

We expect all professional members to do the right thing and ensure they’re at least trained to a sufficient level however it’s not a requirement of entry as some may not be teaching and others may have previous training.