Martial Arts Instructor Auditing

Protecting The Good Name Of Our Members

All members who join our Association are eligible for auditing and will receive the associated auditing certification free of charge

— What Is An Instructor Audit? —

We take the respect of our Association seriously and accordingly a big part of ensuring our good name can be used to your benefit (as a member) means us staying on top of fraudulent attempts to qualify for grades or licensing that isn’t deserved.

Accordingly, we’re the first martial arts association in the world to conduct this type of regulation and as an Association we employ a random auditing policy will ensures we keep you on your toes with your certification & keeps our Association free of cowboys.

What This Isn’t

  • This isn’t an attempt to charge additional fees to our members – all auditing is free
  • This isn’t extra hoops or red-tape for instructors to jump through – simply keep your black belt certificate and any necessary documents (like insurance or DBS checks etc) handy (which you should be doing anyway) and the auditing process will be complete in a matter of minutes
  • This isn’t directed towards any individual based upon creed, nationality, background, age, religion or gender, nor is it based upon any particular styles, region or previous associations. All auditing checks are performed at random.

What This Is

  • This is about ensuring only qualified and respectable instructors remain a part of our Association
  • This is about preserving and protecting the quality of our brand name & Association, thus ensuring you can continue to use our certification, licensing and insurance with respect and confidence
  • This is about operating as a professional industry and bringing the martial arts associations industry into the 21st Century

Please be aware that by joining our Association you consent to entering our random auditing program.

This shouldn’t be an issue as the only information requested is the basic credentials you should have to hand.

What information will I need to prove if I'm audited?

This depends on how verified your account is and any extra schemes you’ve enrolled yourself in.

By default, the only information we will require (and the only information which, if you fail  to produce, could lead to your membership being suspended) is your qualification to teach, which is usually your black belt, black belt certificate, coaching certificate or similar.

Different types of audit will ask for different types of paperwork. Most audits are voluntary – so we may request to see your instructor’s log book. If you choose not to produce it you won’t receive any licensing for this particular aspect of our membership. If you do produce it you’ll pass the auditing test and will receive certification for this.


What if I've already fully verified my account with you?

If you’ve fully verified your account us chances are we won’t request any further evidence for this as we will already hold the required evidence on our system.

If this is the case we may review additional aspects of your account (such as documentation or instructor log books) – but chances are we won’t need to audit you at all.

Am I likely to get audited?

Chances are no.

Auditing is randomly selected and considering the huge member base we have you probably won’t be selected for auditing within your first year of membership.

If you ensure your account is fully verified you’re also unlikely to be audited.

If you ensure your account is in good standing and that you’ve verified any claims to insurance or qualification chances are you’ll never be selected for auditing.

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