Style & Syllabus FAQ’s

Pre-Membership Style Or Syllabus FAQ's

Please Note: This section is designed to answer general questions many instructors have about this service & their syllabus prior to joining our Association.

All BMABA Members get access to in-depth FAQ’s and pre-syllabus submission help & support from the member’s area.

If you’re at all unsure what this means for you please contact our office with your enquiry.

Can Anyone Submit A Style Or Syllabus?
Not just any BMABA member can automatically submit a syllabus for approval.

Currently, the minimum requirement is that you are a 1st Dan (or equivalent). Trainee instructors will not be eligible for a style approval until they obtained this level of certification / training.

Do I Still Own The Style After The BMABA Approves It?

We don’t interfere with any of your clubs running and the copyright (intellectual rights) for your syllabus belong to you. We wouldn’t want to change that.

We simply approve it and lend the weight of our Association to your hard work. It’s yours 100% of the time.

Why Can't I Submit More Than 1 Syllabus A Month?
You don’t just submit a new syllabus in a spare 5 minutes – it’s a big undertaking and takes a lot of time.

Anyone whom has had a syllabus professionally ratified will tell you how much time went into developing it and ensuring it’s accuracy.

We set the 1 month time scale to ensure no one gets into the habit of ‘funnelling through styles’ for certification. We don’t recommend members submit more than 3 syllabuses in a year to ensure their integrity, although some members may have a few they’ve worked on previously which is why we do allow submissions every month, at our discretion.

Do I Have To Design Fancy Flip Books Like Those Shown In The BMABA Showcase?
No you do not.

Firstly we turn the syllabus into the fancy flip book for viewing ease.

There is no requirement to decorate or dress up the documentation in which you submit your syllabus but the more professional and eye-pleasing it looks the better.

What Format Can I Submit My Syllabus In?
You can submit your syllabus in any common format. Ideally this should be PDF, but a word document is also fine.

Additional document types can be discussed by contacting the office.

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