About BMABA Accreditation

The BMABA Accreditation mark is made available only to members of our Association – The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association.

It’s a mark used by our members to show that they’ve met our eligibility criteria and standards.

All BMABA instructors credentials are freely checkable meaning you can verify if the site or instructor you’ve clicked from really is a member of our Association and also if they’re still a member.

All of our members are expected to act in a professional manor in keeping with a set of guidelines and rules set out in their membership agreement. To join our Association you need to reach a minimum qualification and eligibility bench mark as well as meeting many other mile stones that show you are professional, licensed and qualified.

If you are interested in finding out more about BMABA accreditation you are very welcome to contact our office. Alternatively, you can verify an instructors credentials or authenticity online for free by clicking here.